Saturday, April 22, 2017

Busy March and April

It's been a while so we are letting pictures speak 1,000 words!

Mark teaching at the April training with Masango translating 

Pastors proudly holding their newly translated teaching material

William teaching in Xicumbane and Derrick translating

going through the newly translated teaching curriculum

The river has gone down alot since February. 

Easter conference in Zimbabwe

William teaching at the Easter Conference in Zim

Sharyn worked with the children's ministry in Zim

While Mark and The Hixon's were in Moz for the April training, I stayed home with Luke and The Hixon kids.  It was school holidays here so we had some fun in the sun (probably for the last time until summer returns).  Meriam's two daughters and her granddaughter came to play with Bentley and Allie one day.  Later in the week our neighbors came to play for the afternoon.   Fun was had by all.  

The guys have been busy at the mission farm working on vehicles and trailers.  I went out on a weekend to help Mark work on two of the trailers.  It was fun playing, I mean working, with power tools.   A nice break from computer work and a fun time working with my man.

This weekend Mark is busy doing maintenance on our water pumps we use for the showers and kitchen tent water. 


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