Thursday, May 19, 2011

way too long since the last update

Things have been BUSY here (as usual) I am not sure where time goes.  Not much time to update so I thought I would just post pictures of our last few day.  Here is the update on our Visas and we wanted to thank you for praying and ask that you continue to pray for us as we are in the beginning of our busiest time of the year.  As of today, we still do not have our new Visas.  Mark called the home affairs in Pretoria and asked about the status of them.  He asked about expediting them and they told him he had to contact the home affairs office here in Polokwane where we had to submit the applications in the beginning.  They were not really able to help us with expediting them.  Mark explained to them that we need to go to Moz this Friday and that we would be in and out of the country.  They told him that since our Visas are still valid until May 30th and since we will leave BEFORE they expire that we would be entitled to the 90 day permit that they give to people when they arrive to South Africa.  So with all that said, PRAISE THE LORD!  We are all heading into Mozambique!  Thank you for praying for us and please continue to pray for us.  Mark's dad and uncle are here with us as well as a college age girl, Kelsey, that will serve the whole summer with the mission.  We have ALL been VERY busy with all the last minute preparations (and so has the rest of the mission staff) - needless to say we all tired - long days and short nights.  We joke and say once we are on the road and get to Moz then we can rest!  Please pray for everyone's health as well.  It is the beginning of winter here.  We are all fine (Kelsey seems to have a cold or allergies) but everyone else is fine.  We can't wait to update  you all with all the Lord does on each of the outreaches this year. 
No on to the pictures ...

Well after over 2 hours trying to get the pictures to load they would NOT! So I will try again when we return.