Thursday, September 30, 2010

A little of this and that from September

Wow, September FLEW by for us. I have been thinking about updating the blog for weeks and just have not had the time or energy to do so. So today I thought I would just do a quick recap of the happenings with The Raley Family during September.

This was actually from our outreach with the PaulAnn Team (our sending church)in Tchale in July. Luke came to us during the outreach and told us that he wanted to give his testimony. He has never asked to do this before. We thought maybe he would do it during the children's minstry time but he wanted to do it during the evening service. So we asked to make sure it would be fine for a child to give their testimony during the night service and we got the ok. So he chose Wednesday night. He was excited and it took him a few days to decide which translator to ask to translate for him. He enjoys all of them but he had to decide which one to ask and he chose Derrick. As he was walking to the service he stubbed his toe on an old piece of wood sticking out of the ground. He got a huge splinter that went in and out of his toe. He was hurting pretty bad and I thought that he would not want to give his testimony since he was hurt and had been crying (isn't that just like the enemy). Luke told us he was still going to do it and limped over to the service. He did a great job. Thanks to Nikki we have it on video. (Still having trouble uploading the video. If it ever works it will be posted.)

We were able to attend family camp again this year with Christ Baptist Church. We enjoyed our time away at the base of the mountain outside Louis Trichardt. Our weekend consisted of: worship, 3 sermons (preached from John 19: 25-30 by guest speaker, Pastor Mike Rutter from Waterkloof Baptist Church in Pretoria),great food, fellowship, games and of course a talent show.

Mark, along with Nathan, Derrick and Member went to Xicumbane for the monthly leadership training. The training went well. It is so great to see and spend time with the leaders from the villages in Mozambique. This is a huge part of the work in the mission ... training the leaders to be able to take the gospel back to their villages. While there they also delivered the orphan food to the church leaders in Xicumbane, Ngala, and Matsilele.

Traveling to Mozambique is a long and difficult journey. It is especially hard on the mission's vehicles. This trip back resulted in a new tire due to a puncture on the side wall, a broken side shaft, and a broken windshield due to a brick falling off the truck passing them in the opposite direction and landing on the windshield. We praise the Lord the guys are ok.

Masango and Amosse arrived early for their session in seminary a few weeks ago so we were able to have them over for dinner. It was nice to visit with them for awhile. Luke and Mark taught them how to play pool. They had a great time.

Brit had the opportunity to play soccer for the Pepps School team after we returned from Mozambique. She enjoyed being able to play on a team. This past week she was asked to play in a "friendly" game with the Seminary students. She played with the 4th year students.

Luke is getting ready to swim again this year on the Pepps School team. He is excited because he will be able to compete this year. We are so thankful that the kids have an opportunity to still participate in sports. Pictures coming soon.