Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bible Study in Mentz

We continue to go each Tuesday to Mentz and have Bible study at Meriam's house.  We have a core group of  7 who faithfully attend but we can have on any week up to 16.   We continue to work through the Firm Foundations Chronological teaching and we have just now started the New Testament.   We are now starting to see that what God said about the Deliverer throughout the Old Testament is coming true in the New Testament.  We continue to pray that these ladies and young men will have a true understanding of the Gospel and become a light of Truth in their homes and community.







Another School Year has Begun

September 7th was the first day of another school year of the Raley/Hixon Homeschool.  Luke is now in 10th grade, Jay is in 9th and Noah is in 12th.  We are officially a High School! 

Kim is on her third year teaching here and she continues to be a blessing to our families.   She has worked hard making some changes and getting ready for this new year.   Even though we are only two weeks into school it looks as though its going to be a great year. 

Kim redecorated for a new year
first day of school photo
English Class

Nathan teaching a computer class

typing class

reading time

September Training (by Mark)

On 13th September, two vehicles each with a trailer made a journey into the Chicualacuala District of Mozambique.  “Japtrap” (our LandRover) was loaded with Gordon, Member, Darren, and myself along with all our gear; the Vaughan’s Land Cruiser loaded with William, Sharyn, and Derrick.  We split ways after entering the country.   (Now, before we go any further, please know that “Japtrap” is an Afrikaans word that means “in a jiffy” and it is pronounced “Yaptrap” rolling that “r”.  This sign came with our vehicle when we purchased it.)

The Japtrap traveled to the Limpopo River where I ventured to cross without deflating tires.  The Japtrap is a wonderful ministry tool that is a sure blessing from PaulAnn Baptist Church (our sending church).  It is a 4 door pickup (bakkie) that has an aluminum camper shell (canopy) and has an ARB air locker system on the front and rear differentials.  The tough Land Rover proved its strength and conquered the deep sand of the riverbed. 

 A few kilometers down the shrub walled dirt road we arrived at the village of Dumela.  The once small thatched house farming community is becoming a thriving commerce with dried mud walled buildings that offer business like general stores, shade tree mechanics, and milling.

The Baptist Church stands out in the community as  it was built in 2005-2006 by our mission organization, Samaria Mission and is just off the main road that heads toward Chicualacuala.  The only other building in the area that stands in the same stature is the local school building, that of course Samaria Mission also erected.  The church was to become our meeting place where Pastors from the surrounding villages would come together to embrace God’s Word and what we had to share with them.

 We setup our campsite under a timber rondavel that has only pieces of thatching left on its roof.  One of the two local pastors met us and began to put an old tarp like sail on the timber roof in order to provide shade onto our canvas tents.  What a blessing to have such an act of kindness as the sun can really make a campsite rather unbearable.  

 Some of the pastors, leaders, and wives arrived on Tuesday and some only arrived on Wednesday when we began teaching.  The teaching started with me presenting to the leaders the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and how it impacts our hope and our lives.   

Gordon and Member took the second of the day.  Gordon presented the leaders with New Testament Bibles and talked about the importance of the Bible in their lives and the importance of evangelism, presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

  Member taught from Hebrews 12 to help the leaders in understanding scripture so that they can preach with confidence and accuracy when interpreting scripture. 

 On Thursday, Darren continued the teaching working through the Fundamentals of the Faith lesson.  

 What a blessing they have such a great tool in their own language so that they can learn and teach from it.

  We look forward to next month’s training as we will continue teaching through the Fundamentals of the Faith as well as looking at passages of scripture that will help them to grow in their Christian walk.  Please pray with us that these pastors will become a voice for God to proclaim His Gospel in the bush of Mozambique and that hearts will change.    

 Philippians  2:9-11 ESV

“Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name,  so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”