Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October ... where did it go?

Highlights from Polokwane in October ...

October 1st -6th ... Mark headed into Mozambique the first week in October for training in Dumela.  When training was finished on Thursday they headed to Malamulele and spent a few days with Kenneth.  Kenneth had invited the mission to join them for an outreach they had at Xigalo Baptist Church.  For pictures click here

October 8th ... We celebrated our 18th Anniversary.  Well, we started celebrating on the 6th when Mark returned from his week away.  It started with lunch, just the two of us!  Then on Sunday, we all went to have lunch at The Ranch.  Monday, well we celebrated with the whole staff in an all day meeting discussing our 2012 outreaches and then we were surprised by Julia cooking dinner for us.  Tuesday brought we went on a date to a movie, gotta love 1/2 price Tuesday!  I must say that was the first
"date" we have been able to take in MONTHS!  

October 9th ...  We took our first official "school holiday"  and spent it at the Mission Farm.  We helped Debbie sort through the donated clothing and bag it so that it can be taken into Mozambique to the different churches.   While we helped Debbie, Mark had to work on our Golf.  Afterwards, Debbie fixed lunch for all of us and then the kids enjoyed hanging in the pool.  Nice way to spend a day off school.

October 11th ...  Luke participated in the Chocolate Gala at Pepps

Luke's fan club 
October 15th - 17th ... Mark went to the Mission Farm to work with William and Sean on the big vehicles.  It was the time of year for road worthy tests.

October 18th ... Luke participated in the Clan Gala at Pepps.

 October 21st ... Our cell group at CBC was in charge of this months "Coffee Bar".  Each month our church here prays for a specific country in the 10/40 window.  Then on one Sunday night a cell group will host the evening with a slide show highlighting that specific country and serve dinner highlighting the different cuisine.  This month the focus was on North Korea.   It was a great time of fellowship.  (sorry some of the pictures are blurry)

October 23rd ... Luke participated in a Gala at the Town Pool.  We thought maybe it would be cancelled due to rain.  When we arrived there was lightening and they waited for an hour for it to stop.  Once it stopped they started the Gala,  Yes, it was still raining.  We spent many days on the soccer field in the States in the rain but never thought we would spend a swimming gala in the rain.  Luke had fun.  (Brit had to stay home and work on a few assignments that were due)

Luke's swimming for now is finished until January.  We are so thankful that Pepps allows him to swim with them each year. 

here are some random photos from the kids school and other things this month. 

a little science experiment
PE at the gym

studying for a Government exam

Julia grading Luke's papers
working on math
pool math ... anything fun to work on math facts
other things from October ...

a little surprise from Aunt Steph

One of the many birds that hang around our house.

Jacaranda Trees are in bloom ... beautiful! 

Two months ago, we got a call from Jankie telling us that he was offered a full time job working at tea plantation that was re-opening.  We were so sad to see him leave but we understand the need he has to have full time work which we just can't provide financially.  Long story short, he called last week to see he could have his old job.  He said that he never should have left.  The people who hired him along with around 500 others, were told to stop working after 22 days.  They were told the project was never funded and they could not pay them for the work they had done.  So he was stranded there with no money and waiting.  Finally, he hitch hiked back to his village and contacted us.  We were very happy for him to come back.   We are praying that the Lord will provide work for him the other 3 days during the week. 

We are also thankful for the opportunity the Lord is giving us to share with Meriam and Jankie.  In fact, they have asked us to come to Meriam's house and teach them from the Bible.  What a awesome God we serve!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Meriam's Little Girl

Today we went to visit Meriam at her home in Mentz.  Last Friday, she had a little girl, name is Mmaphuthego and she weighed 3,5 kg (7.7 lbs).  Meriam has helped us with the house for almost 3 years and she is a blessing to our family.  Meriam was surprised to find our her husband and her were going to have their 4th baby when her youngest was already 14!  Needless to say it was a long and hard pregnancy for Meriam but she is doing well now and is so happy to have Mmaphuthego.