Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christ Baptist Church Outreach to Dumela, Mozambique

I can't believe it has taken me so long to get caught up on our blog.  First things first, for those who haven't heard we were able to collect our Visas at the H.A. office this week on Tuesday.  After 6 months they were ready and we are good for 4 years!  Praise the Lord.  

These pictures are from our outreach to Dumela with Christ Baptist Church.  Samaria Mission is a ministry of CBC here in Polokwane and this is the church we are apart of here.  They were our last team to go on outreach this year.  They were originally going to have around 25 people but due to various circumstances only 3 were able to go.  Our family was not originally scheduled to go on this outreach but due to the low numbers from CBC we were asked to go.  We ended up with a team size of 16 (3 from CBC and 13 mission staff/families).  This was the week for the monthly leadership training.  We also had men's, women's and children's ministry, evening services and hut to hut visitation.   This was the first time in a few years that we have taken a team to Dumela.  It was great to be able to encourage Judas and Ellias, the local pastors of the church.  During the day we taught from Genesis and we were able to share the gospel on hut to hut visitations.  The evening services were well attended and we were excited to see two of the men from our hut to hut visits attend on the last day.

The first night we arrived we got camp set up and cooked dinner.  As we all sat down to enjoy our dinner a HUGE storm came through.  The wind started blowing so strong and some of us went to the kitchen tent to cover a few things and all of a sudden you heard William yell "EVERYBODY OUT!"  Everyone cleared the tables and got out from under the lapa.  Apparently there was a loud noise and they were afraid the lapa was going to collapse.  The next hour was spent holding the kitchen tent poles to keep it from blowing away while others stood in the rain holding onto tents.  Three of the tents that were loaded with beds and personal stuff were blown over and one of the leaders motorcycles was knocked over.  Once the storm passed we cleaned up what we could, showered and headed to bed.  We didn't even finish dinner as the pot with the rest of the meal that had a lid on it was full of dirt. 

Then next morning everyone pitched in and we got camp cleaned up in an hour or so and began the ministries. 

The locals were busy to as they made repairs to their homes.  We praise the Lord we were all safe and that only minor damage was done to the equipment.

We also had a a visitor in camp ... a monitor lizard.  We noticed the local kids and a few adults around Gordon's tent making a lot of noise so we went to see what was going on.  It had climbed on Gordon's tent to get away from the people.  They don't like these lizards because they eat their eggs.  After awhile they managed to chase it out of camp and off in the distance.  We are not sure if it survived the locals.

Sharyn and Debbie are busy preparing breakfast and I am making the dough for the lunch rolls.

Sharyn and I are peeling the butternut squash for dinner (one of my favorite dishes) 

William and Derrick teaching during the Leadership Training.

Luke praying before the teaching time during children's ministry. 

Brit and Luke enjoyed playing with the kids during game time. 

The wind picked up again during the ministry time.  
The kids headed to the church and women headed to the kitchen tent.

Mark teaching during men's ministry

The guys were busy talking about future projects.

Women's Ministry - We had a few women from Zimbabwe come for the leaders training and they also attended the afternoon women's ministry. 
I shared my testimony during women's ministry one day.

Debbie and Masango teaching women's ministry. 

We went on hut to hut visitation one day along with Derrick and Elsabe.  Mark, Derrick and Doug shared with the men at the 3 different huts we went to.  This man below had questions about false prophets.  Mark shared with him how God's Word is the final say and he shared the gospel with them.  He and his wife along with a neighbor prayed to receive Christ.  We were excited to see them show up that afternoon for the ministries and they returned for the evening service.