General Information

We have been asked a few questions and we thought it would be
good to address them in a quick information page.

We are considered self supporting missionaries, meaning that we are not paid from ANY organization and we have to raise 100% of our support to live and serve here in South Africa/Mozambique/Zimbabwe. 

PaulAnn Baptist Church in San Angelo, Texas is our sending church and we have an accountability team consisting of 3 couples along with the staff and elders of PaulAnn.  We are serving with Samaria Mission, a ministry of Christ Baptist Church in Polokwane, South Africa. 

Each missionary family with Samaria Mission has to raise their own support.  We give 2% of our monthly income to the general fund in the mission. 

Samaria Mission also raises money to help support the mission’s:
Monthly Leadership Training for the Mozambique Pastors and Leaders;  On- going projects like the drilling rig; Bible Fund; Community Development; Vehicle fund
National Missionaries and Translators:  Derrick and Member 
Zimbabwe Pastor attending Seminary:  Pastor Simon

There are two ways for people or churches to give towards our monthly support. 
            Give through: 
1.  PaulAnn Baptist Church
2531 Smith Blvd. 
San Angelo, Texas 76905
Give online here

2.  M.E.E.K Inc.
P.O. Box 1043
Denver, NC 28037


Life in Africa
We live in a city called Polokwane.  It is about a 5 hour drive to the Mozambique border.  We take teams in for 2 week outreaches mainly May through August but on occasion at other times.  The Samaria Mission staff also go into Mozambique each month for the monthly leadership trainings.  Occasionally, we have the opportunity to travel to Zimbabwe to speak at conferences. 

The Lord blessed us with the opportunity to purchase a house from the church and we live across from CBC.  We have all the “benefits” of city life:  two  malls, two movie theaters, bowling, Putt Putt, KFC and McDonald’s to name a few.  

Our Prayer Requests
We are praying that we can pay off our house soon or at least find someone willing to loan us the money in the States.  We owe around $35,000.  We currently have the money sent in dollars then covert it to Rand.  With the transfer fees, current exchange rate and a high variable interest rate, a large portion of the support money is going to a house payment.  If we could make a payment to someone in the States we feel it would be a better use of the support money. 

Coming back for a VISIT
We are praying about coming back for a visit in 2015. The purpose of our visit would be to visit family and friends as well as speak in various churches to promote the work of Samaria Mission and raise support.  ALSO, to move our daughter back so she can attend university.  If your church would be interested in having us come speak about the mission please contact.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at