Sunday, February 22, 2009

4 months from Today

We leave 4 months from today! We have been busy around the house going through things sorting and packing up things we are taking that we don't need before we move. Hopefully this week we will get the tile in our bathroom and carpet in the bedrooms. I am busy today and tomorrow cleaning out the bedroom closets so we can paint them before the carpet comes. Hopefully in the next week or two we will get the outside of our house painted and fix a few little things on the inside and then put it on the market.

Besides getting the house ready to sell and packing we have been busy with church, the kids, work, as well as finishing our VISAs, finding medical insurance, sorting through thousands of pictures for a video to use to promote our mission, putting together our budget, researching shipping companies and so much more!

We are asking you to please continue to pray for us as we prepare to leave. Pray that in the midst of all the things that have to be done we won't miss anything that God has for us. We are also asking for you to pray for our children as we get closer to leaving. Please pray for them to have peace and joy in this move. It is a BIG move for all of us but a move that we know God has called us to.

Monday, February 2, 2009

What a Weekend

We finished the garage sale on Saturday and by 2:00 we had everything put away. We couldn't believe how much stuff we had. (several people had donated stuff for us to sale - thank you so much) Our garage was lined with 6 tables and a weight bench and our driveway had 9 tables full of stuff as well as several things under the tables. To top it off my whole front yard was full of stuff too. We had everything set up and a little after 7:00 we had our first shopper. From then on there was a constant flow of people. Only 3 times throughout the morning it slowed down and that was for only 5 minutes or so. We sold 90% of the stuff we had. I have never experienced a garage sale like this one. God so blessed us this weekend. Not only through the stuff that was donated and the money raised, but through the people He sent to our sale and the conversations that took place. Our ad did run in the Standard Times for Saturday and the kids school (who was also having a garage sale for a fundraiser) sent people our way all morning.

People were curios about what we were going to do in Africa and time and time again we got to share what God is doing in our lives as well as what He was doing in Africa. Several people wanted one of our brochures.

We met one couple in particular who was so sweet. They wanted to know if we were selling the patio furniture on our front porch. I told them not today but I will at our last garage sale in June right before we leave. He told me he would buy it from us for $40.00 and gave me his card so I could call him. He began to share some of his life story with me. He has lost 2 sons (the last one in May). He told me about the church they were involved in and wanted to know all about the mission work we would be doing. God totally blessed me by meeting this sweet couple. I look forward to seeing them one more time in June when they come by my patio furniture.

Brit's friend stayed with me while Mark had to take the kids to their Basketball games. She was a huge help to me and I am so grateful that she wanted to help. God is so good. We have been blessed so much in so many ways. We more than doubled our money on Saturday! Praise God! Thanks again for your prayers.