Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Pictures

Here are more pictures to go with the November newsletter we emailed out. If you didn't get the email let us know and we will send it out. I am having trouble attaching it to the blog today. I hope that everyone has had a great Thanksgiving!

Luke thought these were so cool!

Mark is getting the scoop on the lioness.

We were comparing the size of an elephant ear to Luke.

Talking to the bird.

Brit hanging out

Our church

Roman's Pizza pretty yummy!


The Mall - This is where I go to the grocery store. Pick n Pay is in the middle of the mall.

Luke getting ready to go to school.

Luke's school. His room is at the back of this picture behind the trees.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Here's the latest

Mark went to a village here in South Africa last weekend called Mashushu. Paul and Mable are full time Samaria Missionaries and live in Mashushu ministering to the people in that village.

Mark, William and Wally joined a group of men from a church in Tzaneen to help the local church in Mashushu start the foundation for their new church. Mark also worked on a retaining wall made of rocks. He said several of the local kids helped him build the wall.

retaining wall Mark built

The kids are doing good. Luke loves school and has made several friends. He is even on the swim team and has competed in two swimming Galas. He swam in 3 races in the 1st Gala and got 3rd place in one and 2nd place in the other 2 races. Even though it was cloudy and cold he had a great time. Yesterday he got to ride the bus to another school and compete there. He was in 3 races ... he got 3rd in the free style, 4th in the breast stroke and his team got 1st in the free style relay.

Luke's relay team after winning 1st place

Brit is settling into home school. She is involved in working with the junior youth (Elementary age) on Friday afternoons as well as attending youth on Friday nights. At junior youth she is on the team that helps with games. She is also going to start volunteering in the Creche'(nursery)at church. She is practicing her guitar daily and improving daily. Today she was invited to join the band for practice on Wednesdays just to help her get more practice.

Brit is helping give the instructions for the game at junior youth.

Luke listening to instructions for the game they are going to play at junior youth.

Mark is busy preparing for the Annual Pastor's Conference that will be held later this month in Mozambique. They will teach on the attribute of God and Mark will teach ... God is Truth. Please pray for him as he prepares his lesson. He is also in charge of updating the website for Samaria Mission.

I am still working on unpacking and getting our house organized, helping Brit with school and Luke with home work when he gets home, I attend Monday meetings with the mission staff and help the mission with anything that comes up.

One of our mission families that serve with the Seminary is heading back to the States for 15 months.Monday night we had the staff and their families over for a "Bring and Share" (Potluck Dinner). We sure did enjoy using the house.

We do miss everyone and we enjoy getting comments and emails from you. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.