Friday, November 1, 2013

October at a Glance

A few days after Mark returned from Zimbabwe and Mozambique we celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary!  

This month we were also able to go back to Mentz and start the Bible Study again.  We were able to move it to Thursdays, which seems to work better for everyone.  We have started with the New Tribes Mission:  Building on Firm Foundation Curriculum.  We are starting in Genesis.  The last three weeks have been great and we are enjoying spending time there.  It is good to see the growth as they learn more about God, creation and the spirits.  We are really looking forward to teaching through the Bible with them.

One night after Bible study, Meriam treated me to a taste of her dinner.  Yup, that is walkie talkies (chicken feet and necks!)  Well, I can say I have tried it

We also were invited to join some friends of ours on a hike in the mountains about an hour away from Polokwane.  It was a two day hike (we carried backpacks with everything we needed).  The kids decided they didn't want to do this yet.   I think they were scared when they heard it was 21 km total!  

This was a first for me and Mark hadn't done anything like this since he was a child.  Well, it was tough at times BUT so worth it!    Great time with friends and a GREAT time enjoying God's creations (even though it rained the whole time).  We are ready to go again and this next time we WILL take the kids.  

 Time in the Word on Sunday morning.  Church in the old farm house kitchen before heading 11 km down the mountain.

We are learning how to farm!  We are working with Brad and Doug on a test garden using the Foundations of Farming method.  The hope is to learn the technique and gain personal experience so that we can then go and teach the people in Mozambique and even in Mentz.  We will update more on this later. 

After planting the corn we covered the holes with "God's blanket" (something that will work as mulch or ground cover) to help keep the weeds out and the moisture in.  

This month Luke continues to work hard in school and he is busy with the swim team at Pepps.  

Luke had a Gala at Pepps this week and he got 2nd in the breaststroke and 1st in the backstroke! 
Brit has stayed busy this month helping at the church.  She also plays in the youth band on Friday nights. 

Finally an update on the Zimbabwe Conference and Mozambique

September 19th Mark, William, Brad, Member and Derrick headed into Zimbabwe to teach at a conference in Chikombedzi.  They spent the weekend with the church, and the conference was started on Monday, September 23rd.  They taught 3 sessions each day and covered stewardship with:
- time,
 -The Gospel

 They had a great time with the church in Chikombedzi and we encourage to check out more photos from the conference on the Samaria Mission Facebook page

 After the conference in Zimbabwe, they headed to Mozambique.  They spent time traveling to different villages spending time with the pastors and leaders. 

Please take time to visit the Mozambique Update on the Samaria Mission Facebook page. 

PaulAnn, our sending church, has spent several outreaches in Tchale working alongside Pastor Highway.   During this trip, the guys arrived in Tchale and found Highway walking with his Bible and a Proclaimer.   They enjoyed visiting and were encouraged to see how Highway continues to faithfully serve the Lord!  


We wanted to share some photos of the church building.  In 2012, the PaulAnn team was able to help build the structure and over the last year Highway and the church members have been busy with the roof.  

 While they spent time with Pastor Robert in Matsilele, Mark discovered that Cassilda's house where she used to live was abandoned.   Pastor Robert told Mark they were fine and they had moved closer to the church.  When Mark had time he went for a walk and used some of his broken Shangaan and was able to find her new home.   They are doing well and she even has a new grandbaby. 

This next week I will get to travel with Mark and some of the other mission staff to Matsislele for the Annual Pastors Conference.  I am looking forward to returning to Mozambique (I haven't been there in a year since the border has been closed since January.)  It will be great to spend some time with Cassilda as well as the pastors wives.  

Don't forget to click on these links to go to the Samaria Mission Facebook page and check out more photos and updates from the Zimbabwe Conference and the trip through Mozambique.