Romans 10:  13 -15  
For "Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."  But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?  And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is what the Scriptures mean when they say, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

Samaria Mission is a growing ministry that is greatly impacting the Kingdom. Each Samaria missionary is self-supported, and that means we all have to raise 100% of our own funding for our families to live and serve here.  We rely fully on the support of churches, family and friends in the States, so we can be obedient to the call to serve in South Africa and Mozambique.  

You can support us in several ways: 
1.  Committing to pray for our family.
2.  Committing to financially support us either with a one-time gift or with monthly support each month.
3.  Encouraging us as we continue to serve the Lord in Africa through Samaria Mission.
4.  Most importantly we are asking for your prayers. Pray for us as we live in South Africa and work with Samaria Mission ministering to the people in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  

By praying for our family and financially supporting us you are playing an important part in the journey the Lord has our family on.

Monthly Support
Our monthly budget is $5000 per month.  We currently have 21 families who faithfully give each month to support our family.  These monthly donations range from $25 to $150 a month.  We also have others individuals and churches that give a one time gift or even a faithful yearly gift that we split over 12 months to help with our monthly support.   Our monthly support helps us to live and serve here in South Africa as well as Mozambique and Zimbabwe.   We want to thank our prayer partners and financial supporters who faithfully pray for and give to our family so we can continue to live and serve here.  The Lord has truly amazed us and humbled us time and time again as He provides for our needs through His people.   We are asking for you to pray for our family and also prayerfully consider joining our team of people who support us to be able to continue living and serving here in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe with Samaria Mission.

Here is the nitty gritty of our monthly budget 
our shortfall is $400 per month
If 4 people give a one time gift of $100 our shortfall will be covered for a year.  
If 16 people would commit to support us at $25 a month our short fall would be covered.
If 8 people would commit to support us at $50 a month our short fall would be covered.

There are other financial needs we have as well being full time missionaries:
House - the Lord provided us an opportunity to purchase the hostel from Christ Baptist Church here in Polokwane.  It needed a lot of work to make it liveable but the Lord provided for this work through the sale of our house in the States.  We praise Him for providing.  This house has been a blessing to our family and we love using it for others.  We are praying that the Lord will help us to pay off the loan very soon as this will help our monthly budget greatly.  As of January 2017 we owe around $13,500. 
Please join us in praying that we can pay this house off soon.

School Curriculum - Part of being on the mission field is schooling our children.  When we moved here our children attended one of the private schools here in town.  In 2010 we started home schooling both of them.  Brit graduated High School in May 2013.  She moved back to the States in  March 2015 and she is attending University.   Luke is still home-schooled and almost finished with grade 10.  

Part of our monthly budget is set aside to provide for the curriculum and needs that arise with our children's schooling.  We do set aside part of our monthly budget for school supplies for Luke.  There are many times when it just isn't enough.   We are very grateful that Brit is able to get scholarships and financial aid to help with her tuition and books and she has a place to live rent free at this time.  We do set aside some of our monthly budget to help her as she pursues her degree.  
Please join us in praying that the Lord will continue to provide for our children's school needs.  
We are so blessed to have a teacher for Luke.  Her name is Kimberly.  To read about her journey, click here.  She has been here for the last three years and is currently teaching Luke as well as one of our fellow missionaries son.   Having her here has allowed us to fully focus on serving in the mission knowing that Luke is getting a good education. 

Ministry fund - there are always needs that arise that require funds to either purchase ministry equipment, repair equipment or vehicles.   We do set money aside in our monthly budget to help with these needs.  We trust The Lord to provide as these needs arise.  

If you would like to give toward our full time support, you can make your check out to PaulAnn Baptist Church and attach a note to the check that states Raley full time mission support.  Africa:  Raley Fund

Please mail the check to:
PaulAnn Baptist Church   
attn:  Codi Craddock
2531 Smith Blvd.
San Angelo, Texas;76905
You can also give on line at
Be sure to select Africa: Raley Fund

There are many websites and blogs with articles about why missionaries need so much support.   There are many things that are not included in our budget because we simply don't have the funds to supply those line items in the budget.   Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions. Again, we are beyond grateful we have been called to serve Our Lord here in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  We trust Him to meet our needs and

 A Guide to Financial Contributions PaulAnn Baptist Church: 
Mission Support 
PaulAnn Baptist Church is fully committed to mission projects throughout the world.  Members and ministries of the church are encouraged to actively pursue outreach opportunities so that the gospel will move beyond the walls of the church to our community and the rest of the world.  In many cases, a missionary sponsored by PaulAnn Baptist Church may raise supportPaulAnn Baptist Church.  The purpose of this brief policy statement is to answer questions related to this support.

May I make my check payable to the person who asked for my support?

There is no simple answer to this question!  Yes, you may give a check or cash directly to the individual as a personal gift; however, you will not receive contribution credit from the church for the gift.  To receive contribution credit for your gift, you must make your check payable to PaulAnn Baptist Church.

Should I put the name of the person requesting my support on the check?

No.  On the memo line, indicate the trip by location or project (e.g. Mexico, Africa, etc.).  It is important, however, for the missionary to know that you have supported them.  Please attach a note to the check with the participants name on it and return it with your gift.  This assists with record keeping and enables the missionary to know when they have received donations.

Is my gift refundable if the trip is canceled?

No.  There are stringent rules in the IRS Code governing charitable contributions, so we normally are unable to refund gifts.

Thank you for your commitment to mission outreach efforts!