Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Video from Speaking at PaulAnn Baptist Church

If you would like to see the service from PaulAnn Baptist Church when we spoke about the mission click here.

February Came and Went!

Wow, time has flown by AGAIN.

I can't believe I have not had any time to update our blog at all during February.  We were able to spend most of February in San Angelo.  This was home for us when we lived in the States.  We arrived on February 1st and stayed until February 25th.  I know that you will be shocked I don't have any pictures ready to post!  Since it is so late I am just going to give a quick recap of some of our time in San Angelo.  Pictures will follow soon.

February 1st ... traveled to San Angelo and the kids went to children's ministry and youth at PABC.  Did I mention we had to rent a trailer just to get all of our stuff from Amarillo to San Angelo!  Crazy, I know.

February 3rd - 5th ... Brit got to participate in Refuge weekend, a youth weekend at PaulAnn with Bible study, worship, preaching, mission projects, game time, and time to hang out with friends.  She loved it!

Luke got to spend the whole weekend with his friend George and they had a blast.  

February 5th - we all attended PABC for worship and it was great to be back at our sending church.  Luke really enjoyed seeing all of his friends and attending Kidstuf.

February 8th - we spoke at Grace Temple.  It was great to see our friends there and to get to share about the mission.

February 9th - we shared at Potter's Hand school in San Angelo during their chapel time.  The kids were great and asked lots of good questions, one included "how do they kill chickens?"

February 10th - our "adopted son" David arrived in San Angelo from New York.  Ok, he really isn't our adopted son but he just blends in to our family so well!

February 11th - we were able to have dinner with friends

February 12th - we were able to share at St. Paul BC and report back to them all that has happened in our lives and the mission since we last spoke there before we moved in 2009.

February 13th - we were able to share at Ambleside School.  This was so much fun since this was our kids school when we lived there.  It was great to see everyone.  We miss this school so much.  Our kids got a great education while there and they were loved so much by the teachers.

We also managed to get to the chiropractor that afternoon - which was much needed after 2 1/2 years.

Mark also went to Dallas that afternoon for the rest of the week.  He needed to take most of our luggage to Dallas so that we would not need to rent a trailer at the end of February.

Brit also started Drivers Ed!

February 14th and 15th were full of dentist appointments

February 15th - lunch with Samaria Mission short termers Kelsey, David and Seraiah ... Franco's of course!

February 16th ... Went to watch Kelsey, David and Seraiah as they shared about their experiences as a Samaria Mission short termer during chapel at Potters Hand school.

I got to spend some time with my friend Jill!  That was much needed.

February 17th ... I took Brit to get her Drivers permit.

Then I got to enjoy coffee and donuts with good friends (did I mention that Brit drove me back to the house! - I can't believe how fast she has grown up!)

I had a meeting with my sister in law to figure out a home school plan for Brit's senior year. 

Mark came back from Dallas and we enjoyed dinner with friends.

February 18th - rained most of the day! We spent it with friends in Mereta eating and visiting!  Nothing much better than that.

February 19th - We spoke during all 3 services at PaulAnn. It was great to get to share testimonies of what God has done in and through Samaria Mission and our lives in the last 2 1/2 years.

We also got to go to the rodeo which we all loved.

February 20th - we went to Amarillo to speak at the Amarillo College BSM.  It was great to share with the college students and see their excitement about Africa.  I forgot to mention the good ole Texas Panhandle wind ... it was terrible!

February 21st - returned to San Angelo and had dinner with friends

February 22nd -had breakfast (at Franco's of course) with friends from May, Texas. Benny and Dianne served with us this past year for 3 months.  It was great to sit and visit with them.  We have missed our coffee times with them in Africa!

I had to go to the dentist for some dental work that afternoon and we also spoke at Harriet Baptist church that evening.

February 23rd ... We spent the day helping decorate and prepare for the African Missions Banquet at PaulAnn.  This was a great night.  We had a great meal - thanks Keith and Quinn, and we ended with a dessert auction to raise money for missions in Africa.  We also had a chance to do a live skype video call during the banquet with the Dickens in Ghana and the Rossers in Uganda.  It was great to see them and hear how things are going and I know they enjoyed seeing their church family! Technology is a great thing.

February 24th - this day brought packing and last minute errands around town.

That evening we were blessed to be able to spend time with Collin and Andrea as they took family pictures for us.  You should check out their  website.

February 25th - had to say goodbye to our close friends - hard day.  My parents came to get us and we headed down the road to Houston. We were speaking at Tallowood BC and spending time with my extended family. 

February 26th - we shared with a young marrieds class at Tallowood Baptist Church.

February 27th - we went to dinner with our friends, John and Alicia, who used to be on staff at PABC 6 years ago before they moved to Tallowood.  It was great to see them and meet their little girl.

February 28th - we spoke at Moonlight Missions at Tallowood.  This was a great time to share what the Lord is busy doing and meet new people.

February 29th - had to say goodbye to my great aunt and uncle and then my parents took us to Dallas and dropped us off at Mark's moms house for some much needed rest and time with her!

That was just a taste of our time in San Angelo.  The kids also got to enjoy time with their Aunt Steph.  They stayed the night with her, went to different sports games, ate at their favorite restaurants, movies and just enjoyed hanging out with her.

We are looking forward to our last month in the States but we are really excited to return to South Africa!