Sunday, March 28, 2010


We saw this on the way to JoBurg at the beginning of the month when we took Diana back to the airport.

The guys went into Mozambique for Leader Training and to take the orphan food. I don't have any pictures of Mark during his teaching time. At this point it looks like the kids and I along with my parents will go into Mozambique for the April training. Here are a few pictures from the March training.

William is teaching and Member is translating.

The guys weren't able to cross the river to go to Ngala to deliver the oprhan food. They were able to meet the leaders from that village at the river so they could take the food with them on a boat. This is a picture of some people crossing the Limpopo River.

Luke had a swim Gala last week at Pepps and won 1st place in the free style.

Samaria Mission hosted its 3rd annual Golf Day to raise money for the mission. We had a great time. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Luke was helping take the pins to the holes before the tournmanet started.

Brit helped at the "half-way" house giving the golfers a sandwich and cold drink as they passed the 9th hole. This is Brit and her friend Abigail.

Dorcus, Alicia and Wilheminah

Andrew, Mark and Joseph preparing the butternut for the Potjie.


Sean and Gena

Welheminah, Gena and Alicia at the Golf Day.

We took a quick hike up to the top of a small rock mountian to the 1st tee box.

This is the view from the 1st tee box.

Mark is serving rice for the Potjie lunch at the Golf day.

William serving the Potjie.

This is another view of the golf course from the 1st tee box

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busy Week

We have had a busy week here at the Raley's. Here's the latest (Mark has the camera with him so new pictures will be added next week.)

Monday - staff meeting

Tuesday - Preparations for the Xicumbane leader training - William & Mark are responsible for the training in this village each month, along with our translators Derrick and Member . They also take in the food for the orphan feeding that takes place in 3 villages.

Alicia and Brit went shopping for the food for the guys and packed it all in action packers and made road food for them. We made 10 breakfast sandwiches and 10 lunch sandwiches. We also cooked and de-boned 2 chickens and made potato salad.

Wednesday - Mark left at 6 am for Mozambique.

Thursday - with the help of Jankie and Meriam we have a clean house and 3 trees were removed from the front yard. They were in the way of the security fence we are hoping to get soon. :)

Friday - Alicia and Brit are going shopping for the Dumela Leader training. Joseph & Nathan will leave for Dumela on Monday.

Saturday - Mark comes home :)

Sunday - in between morning and evening church we will make breakfast sandwiches and lunch sandwiches for their drive on Monday.

Updates on the kids ...

Brit - is doing well in homeschooling. She seems to be on a good routine. Alicia has finished her lesson plans through the end of the year and she is set to finish 9th grade on June 4th. She is working hard each day and has even worked ahead in a few areas. This week she was given an opportunity to help the school coach in the afternoon. She is now the coach for the U9 boys soccer team. She will coach each week from Monday - Thursday an hour each day. She is doing a good job. In her words ... "Coaching is harder than I thought!" Please pray for her as she learns how to train and coach these boys in a game that she loves!

Luke - he will finish this term of school here on March 26th and then he will begin home schooling. We are very excited that the school is allowing him to continue with the sports program and even play on teams and compete. This will allow him to stay active and still see his friends at school.

We have ordered his curriculum and we ask that you please pray for us as we adjust to home schooling him. The timing is good for us since his last day will be March 26th then Alicia's parents will arrive on March 30th and they will bring the curriculum with them. It will also be nice to have Alicia's mom here to help him as well ... she is a retired teacher :) :) :)

More pictures coming next week.